Supporting Your Journey to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

Do you need help along your journey to reaching net-zero carbon emissions? Nadine is ready, willing, and able to support you in reaching your goal with our comprehensive energy audits.
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Supporting Your Journey to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions

Sustainability & Net-Zero

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)-based decisions have a great impact on sustainability and achieving net-zero carbon emissions. The biggest challenge a facility manager can face is to meet a facility’s needs while still adhering to their organization’s commitment to financial, environmental, and social responsibilities.

FCAs play a critical role in preserving the condition of facilities by investigating the structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and social factors that can affect a building.
We help you reach your sustainability goals by making recommendations for reduced energy consumption and, ultimately, the path to net-zero carbon emissions.

Introducing: Our Roadmap to Net-Zero

    Review of all available drawings and documents, analysis of initial utility data, and preparation of preliminary benchmarking for site verification
    Performance of a site assessment in order to review and confirm the site condition, as well as collection of all the information needed for a ASHRAE Level II Audit
    Analysis of all the data and energy modelling to identify GHG reduction targets for a net-zero goal
    Preparation of a sustainability target report based on the GGS mandate to provide phases and path to reach 2050 net-zero targets

Instant Benefits for Your Organization!

Remain on Target for the Timeline to Reach Net-Zero Emissions

Stay the course with your country's timeline for reaching a net-zero emission economy.

Increase Energy Affordability and Public Support

Reduce your building's carbon emissions to save money and go green with our energy audit recommendations.

Improve the Climate Resilience of Your Organization

Improve the energy-efficiency in your buildings to make your organization climate-resilient.

Achieving a Net-Zero Target Requires Many Positive Changes. Let's Start with Your Building!


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We’ve been able to save at least 10% of our operational costs. Nadine’s sharp approach to our facility assessment, along with their intelligent FCA software, made it all possible! A strong and strategic asset management plan comes naturally…

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