About Nadine

Nadine International Inc. is committed to identifying, understanding and meeting the needs of our clients. We develop a direct response or solution to the client’s requirements while adhering to the principles of comprehensiveness, practicality and thoughtfulness.

Why Nadine


Entails understanding the full scope of the project, and providing the most knowledgeable and experienced persons necessary to completely undertake all required tasks.


Involves focusing on workable solutions which acknowledge budgetary implications and the potentially different expectations of Stockholders.


Requires using creative and innovative ideas to address the unique aspects of the individual project.


To provide outstanding comprehensive engineering services in the field of Building Science, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Life Safety, Fire Protection and Code Compliance on time and on budget.

Nadine International Inc. is a member of various Associations of Professional Engineers in Canada and ISO 9001 registered. Its team of qualified and experienced professionals are committed to the principles of safety and property conservation by applying advanced technology to all applicable Codes and Standards.