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Electrical and Fire Safety

20% of all fires in Canada are due to electrical fires. In the US, there are more than 24,000 electrical fires annually. Electrical and fire risks pose a potential threat...

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Sustainability & Net-Zero

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)-based decisions have a great impact on sustainability and achieving net-zero carbon emissions. The biggest challenge a facility manager can face is to meet a facility’s needs...

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Water and Clean Gas Fire Protection Systems

Protect your people and building with reliable fire protection systems. Nadine audits and designs fire protection systems for all types of buildings. We develop and deliver tailored solutions to meet...

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Code Consulting

Nadine’s building code experts conduct comprehensive reviews of your project and help you build the most efficient strategy, from the planning stage to occupancy, all while ensuring code compliance. Our...

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Facility Condition Assessment

Buildings and their systems get older by the day and require assessment, maintenance, and renewal. Building repair and renewal funds are always in short supply, and this is where Facility...

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Your project is Unique for us!

We understand that each project is unique and has specific requirements. We develop a unique and dynamic response to your requirements and provide custom solution as per the planning needs.

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FCA + Sustainability & Net Zero

Nadine's FCA solutions aim to achieve sustainability by reducing energy consumption and building a better environment. Furthermore, FCAs investigate the changes required to make energy-efficient choices and to achieve net-zero targets by gradually reducing the carbon footprint of your facilities.

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Nadine Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) Software

Our state-of-the-art FCA software helps you streamline your operations, improve productivity, and enable better decision making.

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Salient Features


Criticality Heatmap

Cut-short lengthy FCA reports through Color-coded heatmap and get a one-page summary


Funding Optimization

Maintain balanced FCI across your assets and justify your renewal needs


Funding Scenarios

Build unlimited what-if funding scenarios for better capital decisions


Target FCI

Select a target FCI and calculate the funding needed to achieve it


Standard and Custom Reports

Build standard library reports and your own templates in minutes


Preventive Maintenance

Streamline your preventive maintenance program, including development, scheduling, and tracking


Work Orders

Automate, simplify and control the work order process


Live Data and Hosting

Manage all your FCA data in a living document and host it on one cloud solution

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5 Steps to a Value-Driven Building Condition Assessment

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The Four P’s of Building Condition Assessments (BCAs)

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It’s 2021–Have You Reserved Funding for Your Building Maintenance?

It’s 2021–Have You Reserved Funding for Your Building Maintenance?

It’s 2021--is your 2021 expenditure funding consistent with your Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)? Is it it adequate? Is it optimized?...

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Trusted by 20,000+ Facilities

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We’ve been able to save at least 10% of our operational costs. Nadine’s sharp approach to our facility assessment, along with their intelligent FCA software, made it all possible! A

Tom Kovendi
Director of Engineering and Facilities, Headwaters Healthcare Centre

Nadine’s software has saved me significant time, which I can now use to address other essential matters. The software is very user-friendly, which was my biggest support factor while choosing

Mwarigha Muliwa
Vice- president, WoodGreen Community Homes