The Four P’s of Building Condition Assessments (BCAs)

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How well is your building equipped to meet your business needs this year? Next year? Five years from now? A multi-disciplinary assessment of your building will give you a definitive answer.

A Building Condition Assessment (BCA) is the first step to maintaining the health of your building. A BCA exposes the defects in building a and its system components and helps in deciding the maintenance/renewal activities that have to be carried out.

Here are the four P’s of Building Condition Assessment that tell you what you can gain from a detailed condition assessment:

  1. PLAN for upcoming expenditures
    Building Condition Assessments help building stakeholders understand how well their buildings are fitted to meet the needs of the organization this year, next year, and in the upcoming three, five, and ten years. FCA data gives a comprehensive view of the physical condition and value of the building’s assets, as well as determines the probability of physical assets running into issues. This invaluable data is the key to making critical decisions about capital budgets. Accurate capital funding is crucial in making decisions about repair, renewal, or replacement of a building.
  2. PRIORITIZE items for maintenance/renewal

    Prioritizing items for renewal and maintenance based on their current condition is key for any facility. This is where a detailed Building Condition Assessment (BCA) comes into the picture. A BCA evaluates your assets and places the most urgent or critical components at the top of your list, whether that means carpet replacement or HVAC repair. A prioritized list also clarifies which assets are primary to your facility and which are secondary.

  3. PERFORM preventive maintenance wherever necessary
    Building Condition Assessments help you keep your assets in a good state of repair, reduce the likelihood of breakdown, and minimize downtime throughout the life of the asset. A detailed condition assessment helps you focus your preventive maintenance where it’s most needed by identifying the exact status of all of your assets.

    Additionally, BCAs help you better manage maintenance worker schedules by staggering work; maintenance costs are also reduced, as preventative maintenance is more cost efficient than replacement of broken-down equipment.
  4. PURSUE a net-zero target
    Researchers are clear: to avoid worsening climate effects, carbon emissions will need to drop by half by 2030 and reach net-zero around 2050. A number of countries are committed to moving to a net-zero emission economy; this is in response to climate patterns indicating that carbon emissions need to be stopped entirely to protect the environment–simple reduction is not enough! A Building Condition Assessment indicates the necessary changes to become energy-efficient and achieve net-zero targets by gradually reducing the carbon footprint of your facility.

“A Building Condition Assessment gives you a much clearer image of the status of every component of your building. It helps you determine where to target investments. You may discover that replacing a whole set of sprinklers isn’t even required, and millions of dollars could be saved.” – Ashar Khan, Director of Building Sciences at Nadine International Inc.

The Key Takeaways

  • It is critical to know how the buildings, equipment, and physical assets in your facility are performing.
  • A multi-disciplinary approach will ensure that you have all of the information about your building components, so that you can make well-informed decisions that suit the needs of your organization
  • BCAs provide easy-to-understand reports that can show decision-makers at your facility why you need to replace what you need to replace.
  • Having accurate and scientifically-backed data on all assets enables facility managers to optimize funding decisions.
  • All of the hassle, equipment breakdowns, and emergency repairs you’ll avoid are worth the initial investment in your Facility Condition Assessment partner.
Partnering with an experienced Building Condition Assessment (BCA) firm is key to a successful evaluation and, ultimately, better decisions for your building. Further, using the same firm throughout the process can cut down on both inefficiencies and costs!


Need expert assistance in planning your next building project? Talk to our expert team at Nadine International Inc. We have been providing Building Condition Assessments (BCA) for over 35 years and integrate net-zero strategies in every report.

Call us at (905) 602-1850 or send an email to our Director of Building Sciences, Ashar Khan, at

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