December 17, 2020

3 Ways a Facility Condition Assessment helps in Increasing Sustainability

3 Ways a Facility Condition Assessment helps in Increasing Sustainability

What is a Facility Condition Assessment?

A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) provides a complete picture of the condition of a facility to identify the capital budget needs for vital repairs and replacements for the upcoming years.

How FCAs help in increasing sustainability?

FCA decisions have a great impact on sustainability, whether it is financial, environmental, or social sustainability. The biggest challenge of a facility manager is to meet the facility needs of the organization and stay in alignment with the organization’s commitment to financial, environmental, and social responsibilities.

FCA plays a critical role in providing facility condition and budget data for the well-being of facilities. Even though a facility team generally performs an FCA to make budget-related decisions, these decisions have a straight-forward impact on the environmental and social factors associated with the buildings.

Here are 3 ways a Facility Condition Assessment helps in increasing sustainability –

1. Reduced Energy Consumption
If a building has a lot of defects, energy consumption is much higher than actually required. Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) identifies the defects in the equipment of the building. Following this, the operations required to fix those defects are also carried out. This, in turn, reduces the consumption of energy up to a great extent.

Despite the fact that an FCA is not an energy audit, it uncovers the very obvious need to repair and replace the critical equipment of the building. When equipment is preserved at proper intervals, overall it becomes more energy efficient.

1. Better Work Environment
FCA can identify the areas of improvement that help build better work environments, such as, improved comfort level for the occupants. For example, the proper functioning of the HVAC systems and less radiance from perfectly operating lights will certainly improve the amount of convenience that the occupants will experience, making the building a much better place to work in.

3. Stronger Social Relations 
The better the work environment, the more is the productivity of the work carried out within the building. When productivity is increased, the business automatically tends to achieve higher customer satisfaction rates. This, in turn, will build stronger relationships with the customers, as well as increase the chances of getting recurring business from them.


Although not commonly thought of as a major source of sustainability, FCAs provide great scope to influence our facilities in an economic, environmental, and social sense.

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