WoodGreen Community Homes

Saved up to 15% of the operational time with Nadine’s FCA software

Client Name: WoodGreen Community Homes

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Solution Provided: Facility Condition Assessment Software

The Company

WoodGreen is one of the largest non-municipal providers of affordable housing in Toronto. With a long-standing history of housing operations dating back to the 1960s, WoodGreen now owns, manages & provides service at 12 housing sites, and also provides services at several TCHC housing locations. Since 2008, WoodGreen has contributed more than 200 units of affordable housing to Toronto’s stock.

Nadine’s software has saved me significant time which I can now use to address other essential matters. The software is very user-friendly, which was my biggest support factor while choosing it. It has definitely met all our needs.

Mwarigha Muliwa, Vice- president

The Challenge

  • Maintaining all the buildings in good condition
  • Satisfying the occupant needs
  • Reducing the operating cost of the buildings
  • Maintaining 100% occupancy

The Solution

  • Nadine team helped Woodgreen Community Homes with a holistic assessment of their building condition. 
  • Our multi-disciplined engineering team did a detailed inspection of their buildings and provided rich reports covering detailed system/requirement analysis. 
  • Also, Nadine Building Condition Assessment (BCA) software helped the company in prioritizing their projects and optimize the funding.
  • The software helped in maintaining the data up-to-date and provided important functionalities such as the Criticality assessment heat map (CAHM), Unlimited funding scenarios, Asset Tracker, and many more.
Area Inspected
(Square Footage)
Projects Managed on Software
Assets Managed

The Result

  • 15% reduction in operating costs
  • Facilities maintained in a good state of repair
  • Data is maintained up-to-date
  • Occupants are comfortable and safe
  • Flexibility in modifying project priorities to suit client needs