Facility Condition Assessments

Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) are the foundation of a strategic asset management plan.  With over thirty (30) years’ experience, NII is an industry leader in FCAs, Reserve Fund Studies, Energy Audits, and Strategic Asset Planning. Nadine’s FCAs are performed by our experienced, in-house staff, comprised of multi-discipline Professional Engineers and Architects, as well as Code Compliance Specialists and Building Science Experts.

Building Inspection

Nadine International Inc. provides full detailed building inspections for compliance with the current Codes and Standards. Our ongoing participation in Code and Standards development and revision, together with our experience in Building and Fire Code enforcement, will provide you with:

  • Savings in time and money, and
  • The most effective method in complying with applicable Codes and Standards.
Building Science Engineering

Nadine International Inc. provides an overall assessment of various design and project management building components to achieve the most suitable solution in building restoration.
Nadine has a strong understanding of the principles and the interrelationship of the many systems and components required to optimise building performance.
We provide solutions for both new construction, and for retrofitting existing facilities to achieve improved comfort, and reduced operation costs. 

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Code Consulting

Nadine International Inc. provides full Consulting Services for compliance with Building and Fire Code and other Codes and Standards, as well as processing approval with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction.


Nadine International Inc. provides complete audit, design and management of electrical system upgrades such as power distribution, emergency power and lighting, fire alarm and voice communication system, and security systems.

Expert Witness

Nadine International Inc. has appeared as an expert witness in legal cases regarding interpretation and compliance with the applicable Codes and Standards in various jurisdiction with respect to life safety.

Fire Alarm System Upgrades

Nadine International Inc. provides the audit, design and management of new and retrofit fire alarm systems, and has won the 2008 Ontario Consulting Engineering “Award of Excellence”, for designing state-of-art linear detection systems using laser detectors.

Fire Emergency Plans

Nadine International Inc. provides Fire Safety and Security Plans that are intended to assist Owners with the basic essentials for the safety of all occupants. Our Plans provide a maximum degree of flexibility to achieve the necessary fire safety and security for the building.
Nadine prepares Fire Safety Plans to suit the resources of each individual building, or complex of buildings, in compliance with applicable Codes and Standards.

Life Safety and Security

Nadine International Inc. provides Fire Protection Studies and analysis, as well as the design and development of a fire protection approach to comply with relevant Codes and Standards.

Mechanical Engineering

Nadine provides the audit, design and project management of mechanical system upgrades. We also provide assessments of building energy requirements and an unbiased evaluation and life cycle cost analysis to help our Client determine the most cost efficient and economical direction for their future needs.

Plan Examination

Plan examination ensures a construction/renovation project has been designed in compliance with applicable Codes. Non-compliance issues can be addressed during the review process, saving the Client time and money.
Nadine International Inc. reviews drawings for Code compliance, and processes Building Permit approval, including inspections with various levels of Government.

Project Management

Nadine provides Project and Construction Management services, from the project initiation, to the project close-out. Our projects are carefully monitored to ensure adherence to the Client’s expectations, Project Schedule, and industry Codes and Standards.

Structural Engineering

Nadine International Inc. conducts Feasibility Studies, designs and project manages structural system upgrades to the satisfaction of our Clients.

Sprinkler Design

We offer full service fire protection system design, engineering and consulting.  From system audit, design development and hydraulic calculation through to project management of the installation.